Commecs College -  PECHS Campus has evolved an Examination System which is a combination of traditional methods of testing and the modern requirements of the present era. It envisions a system in which rote learning is replaced by curiosity, imagination and creativity. The day to day class activities carry marks in the term result, i.e. Class Presentations, Quizzes and Group Projects.
At the PECHS Campus, the session is divided into Two Terms. In each term, students are required to appear in minimum two quizzes and submit two assignments per subject.  First term starts at in the month of August While First Hourly examination is conducted in the month of September.  The Details of Hourly Exams is as follows:

Regular classes are conduct during Hourly Examinations and there is no gap between the papers.
The First term concludes  with the Midterm Examination in the month of December, right before the Students’ Week and winter-break. The Details of Mid Term Examination is as follows:
Term Exams
In Term exams, it is ensured that the papers are set according to the BIEK paper pattern, to familiarize students with actual scenario. There is usually one day gap between two consecutive papers.

Second term starts in the month of January , just after winter vacation. Second Hourly Examination takes place in January while the Final Term or Preliminary Examinations are scheduled in March. The details are similar to first term examination.
Examinations help teachers to: monitor students’ academic progress, analyse the academic needs of students and take remedial measures. It is mandatory for all students to appear in each and every examination paper, the only exception is a hospitalization certificate.
All internal examinations results are promptly compiled and top ten achievers of Commerce and Pre-Engineering groups  are announced in the morning assembly. A General Parent Teacher Meeting is conducted after each term exam. Appearing in BIEK exams is subject to  satisfactory performance in Internal Examination.